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Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter

When I first tried Jango, I was expecting him to be a little murder machine that helped me refresh force. He can be, but as time goes on I appreciate him more and more as an objective unit, especially for Separatist lists.

Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter is available in the Shatterpoint core set.

Main card

4PC is pretty normal for a secondary, not much to see here.


For a secondary, 9 stamina and 2 durability is pretty normal. Jango is doing fine there. Critically, note that Jango does not have the Mandalorian tag, so he won't synergize with keywords like Pride of the Mandalore or Mandalorians Are Stronger Together.

Jet Pack is a standard Mandalorian ability. Paying one force for an extra move, which can change elevation, is pretty dank. Once Jango is injured then 2 or 3 force is probably more than you want to spend outside the most dire of circumstances.

Capture Wire is where things get really spicy. Much like Maul's There is No Place to Run ability, this is great in the objective game. Not only are you potentially pulling an enemy off of an objective, the pin is making it harder for them to get back in the fight. A well placed Capture Wire can swing a struggle for you, and I often find it worth it even when it costs 2, sometimes 3 force.

Unfortunately, Not So Fast currently holds the distinction of the most "feels bad" potential in the game. If you someone activates within range 3 of Jango you could potentially wound them with this damage and their activation is over having accomplished almost nothing. In a game where every activation can matter a lot, losing one can be devastating. A couple rules clarifications: This effect happens in step 2D of "Activating a Unit" in Appendix A. Tactics abilities happen in step 2C, so, for example, CC-7567 Captain Rex could move out of range with Get a Move On, Soldier before Not So Fast triggers. There is also no defense roll. However strikes + crits are rolled, that's how much damage the enemy takes. Not So Fast has a high ceiling, but in most cases I'm only using it if I have force to burn, which Jango lists often do, conveniently!

My Client is Getting Impatient is a fine ability. Honestly the best use may often to be to cheat out a double move with a focus + move action on Jango's turn. If you need to move and don't need an advance to get where you're going, may as well focus instead to get an extra die and still jump. Since this is an innate ability it will never cost force.

I'm Just Looking to Get Paid is initially what drew me to Jango. Nowadays I see it more as a nice bonus, not why I'm taking him. He does fine damage, but isn't reliably killing secondaries and primaries in my experience. If I'm running a force hungry list with a lot of synergy, like mandos perhaps, I'm probably not dropping a synergistic secondary for Jango in the hopes I refresh some extra force.

Resourceful Gunslinger

Dice-wise, Jango is the same in melee or at range. However, on closer inspection, his ranged expertise gives a ton of crits while the the melee expertise doesn't give many results and just a little bit of direct damage. As such, I'd recommend attacking at range in most situations. At range Jango can reliably push through crits, averaging two for 3 damage and a strain. That's not too shabby against characters without crit mitigation, but that's also not enough to knock out a primary or secondary in most circumstances. If you do manage to get 3+ successes after defense, a free active ability (Capture Wire almost certainly) or jump leans into Jango's strengths very well.

Defensively, Jango gets one more die than either Bo-Katan or Gar Saxon. His defensive expertise also gives him 3 blocks at 3+ expertise, instead of at 4+ expertise. That's pretty good armour for a secondary.

Synergy & Wrap Up

+ Pros

- Cons

Very mobile

Force refresh ability is unreliable

Capture Wire is great for objective play

Doesn't buff the strike team around him

Most of the other wave 1 secondaries are big synergy pieces, so Jango is a bit unique as an independent operator. Since he just does his thing and doesn't rely on others for value, Jango can fit into many different strike teams. The force refresh from I'm Just Looking to Get Paid can be tempting in some force hungry lists, but if that's the main role he's supposed to play you'll probably be disappointed frequently. I see him more as a self-sufficient, mobile objective grabber with a great non-dice effect (Capture Wire). Any wounding he does is just gravy.

Jango Fett fits in particularly well in Separatist Alliance focused lists. Not only does he share that keyword, but those lists tend to lack in-activation movement which can make it tricky to pull off big plays in the objective game. Jango slots in nicely with his mobility and Capture Wire.


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